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Back to the Fire (6 X43min eps) is a travel documentary series that profiles prominent Indigenous leaders on their ancestral lands. The show combines breathtaking cinematography with intimate portraits of people and places rarely captured on camera. The result is a rich exploration of the varied oral histories and traditional teachings that are the bedrock of Indigenous cultures—a modern chronicle that will enlighten, entertain, and inspire all Canadians to help make reconciliation a reality.


Follow our host,  the celebrated Squamish leader Chief Gibby Jacob on his global journey to capture and preserve traditional early teachings from prominent Indigenous leaders on their lands. In each episode, Chief Jacob accompanies an influential leader back to the location of their earliest teachings, where they explore the local history and culture and revisit some of the places and moments that shaped their lives. Memories, stories and knowledge, are naturally shared around the fire.

Season one features leaders and locations in British Columbia, Canada.

Confirmed participants include: CHIEF ROBERT JOSEPH, KATHRYN TENEESE, SOPHIE PIERRE, STEPHEN POINT, GWENDOLYN POINT, MILES RICHARDSON, SATSAN (HERB GEORGE), and RON HAMILTON, along with a supporting cast of characters (family members, community members, influencers) who inspire them.


As the old saying goes: How can we move forward if we don’t understand our past?

“Too many Indigenous elders are passing on and taking with them precious

     knowledge that would enrich the next generation of leaders.”

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