A documentary series that focuses on prominent First Nations leaders and explores their personal success stories around nation rebuilding.


Chief Gibby Jacob is on a mission to bring back the teachings of past elders and leaders.

From his vantage point as a powerful land-rights negotiator and one of the most influential Native leaders in Canada, too many young Indigenous people are uninformed about traditional teachings of the past.


He is going Back to the Fire – to the place where sage wisdom is passed, and he is doing this by visiting prominent Indigenous leaders across the country to record their stories about culture, life, language, the universe, and how their teachings helped to guide them through traumatic times, and lead to improving the conditions of their communities and inspire those around them.

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This doc-travel series appeals to distinct nations and Non-Indigenous viewers of all ages. It aims to inform all Canadians about who we are as a country, and ultimately build new relationships and a national confidence to help make reconciliation a reality.  



We have commitments from an amazing cast of FN leaders in BC, including Chief Dr. Robert Joseph, The Honorable Steven Point, Dr. Gwendolyn Point, Kathryn Teneese, Satsan (Herb George), Sophie Pierre, and Miles Richardson.

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The pilot episode features Chief Dr. Robert Joseph, who returns to his birthplace on Gilford Island British Columbia, where he shares wisdom and teachings around the fire in the oldest big house in BC. 



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“We are an oral culture. Everything changed when Indigenous children were taken from their homes and sent to residential schools. The circle was broken.


This series is dedicated to all the children who never made it home, and to the resiliency and healing of the survivors.” Chief Gibby Jacob (Kákeltn siyám)